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Nov 20, 2005, 16:09

B AGGRESSiVE. Why should somebody be aggressive??? Why not. No really, we have a message behind the provocational exclamation: design, invent, create, constuct, build, throw further, cut, carve, catch boomerangs. Cross limits if nessesary but try to achieve your boomerang goal. Be Aggressive.

Syndicate B AGGRESSiVE News
Nov 30, 2005, 16:25

Do you want to display the BAGGRESSiVE news on your web site?
If so, there is now a very easy way to do that:

Experienced web designer

Simply include this url in your php-page:;boards=4

Step by step description

1) check if the filename of your web site ends with .php
 if it does, jump to 3)

2) Change the file name to .php (it might have been .htm or .html or .shtml before)

3) add this line where you want the news to appear:

4) upload and check. if the news does not appear and just the previous line is printed, replace what you added in 3) with this:
<?php include(';boards=4'); ?>

5) send Tibor a link so I can have a looksie

If there are any questions, just post them right here :)
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