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Nov 20, 2005, 16:09

B AGGRESSiVE. Why should somebody be aggressive??? Why not. No really, we have a message behind the provocational exclamation: design, invent, create, constuct, build, throw further, cut, carve, catch boomerangs. Cross limits if nessesary but try to achieve your boomerang goal. Be Aggressive.

Nov 18, 2005, 17:13

Long Distance is the most dangerous boomerang event. Although the boomerangs used nowadays have become considerably lighter, they are still very dangerous, maybe even more so. Serious injury may result if you are careless. Why is LD dangerous?
  • Thin material and sharp airfoils
  • High speed and rotation rate
  • Often low return trajectory
  • Often the boom cannot be seen very well
So before you take out your LD booms and be fascinated by their majestic flights, be sure to:
  • Find a suitably large field with no obstacles and NO PEOPLE (a crowded park won\'t do...) !
  • Stop throwing if people trespass.
  • Don't use metal boomerangs. They are forbidden anyway in tournaments.
If you are a group of boomerangers:
  • No simultaneous throwing of LD booms and short range booms.
  • Only one LD boom in the air at the time ! The other throwers: follow the boom with your eyes, warn (and help search) if necessary.
  • If a boomerang comes dangerously in your direction, warn your companions ("HEADS UP!") and duck away from the incoming boom, while protecting your head with your arms.
© 2005 BAGGRESSiVE provides information for boomerang throwers and interested parties. You'll find all the info you need to successfully throw a boomerang over 100m and have it return over your head.
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