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BAGGRESSiVE forum  |  Long Distance  |  Competition archive  |  Topic: Houston, TX :: LD Shootout :: October-16/17-2004
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Author Topic: Houston, TX :: LD Shootout :: October-16/17-2004  (Read 6190 times)
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« on: Jul 04, 2005, 22:52 »

Written by Andy Cross

Conditions were excellent. Winds were from a constant direction and were approximately 5-10mph for the entire tournament. A total of 12 people participated. Amazingly, everyone either set or equaled a personal best and four throwers joined the 100m club for the first time.

Well yes, and Andy himself improved his own Canadian Record to 152 m !! Congratulations !

Written by Dave Hughes

Saturday was absolutely perfect, with winds 5-10 from roughly the west. Sunday, it got close to 90 degrees with a west wind at 10-20 mph.

The first round was a close one between Andy and Dave Hughes. Andy led off with a 115 on his third throw, then Dave came back with a 119 on the fourth. Then, Andy posted a 122 on his fifth throw. David Hirsch of Dallas entered the 100M Club in Round 1 with a solid 103.

In Round 2, Andy upped the ante with a 137 on his first throw, topping his previous personal best by 4 meters. Roy Dempsey let out a 104 in that round, as well. And Stu Jones launched hinself into the 100M Club with a 102. It was definitely all over for Dave Hughes at that point, though, since:

In Round 3, Andy bested that 137 with a stunning 152 on the third throw of the round , while Dave could only muster a 105 in that round.

Round 4 saw Pat Steigman post a 106 to catapult him into the 100M Club. Andy topped out with 138 in that round, while Dave topped his previous best by one meter, at 124.

Round 5 was not stellar for anyone, as by that time, the winds had simply become ridiculous, blowing some booms about 60 meters back behind the line, and we had to interrupt the round for about 15 minutes to find Joe Rader's boom. But still, Hughes managed a 104 and a 102, and David Hirsch eked out a 101.

Just for grins, we kept track of cumulative (total) distance thrown in the tournament, and the top three totals were:

Dave Hughes, 1756M
Bob Rudy, 1332M
Roy Dempsey, 1116M

Congratulations to Andy Cross on his very decisive win, and for being the new Canadian LD Record Holder!!!

1  Andrew Cross (CDN)    152
2  Dave Hughes (USA)     124   
3  Pat Steigman (USA)    106   
4  Roy Dempsey (USA)     104   
5  David Hirsch (USA)    103   
6  Stuart Jones (USA)    102   
7  Bob Rudy (USA)        94   
8  David Bacque (USA)    91     
9  Bruce Armstrong (USA) 83 
10 Joe Rader (USA)       78     
11 Ace Armstrong (USA)   69   
12 William Watts (USA)   66 

A picture gallery of the event can be found on Bruce Armostrong's Site.

by Dave Hughes @ 11 Aug 2004 01:18 pm   
Y'all come! And if any of you Euro-dudes happen to be in the States in October, I invite you to drop in on us, as well.
Tibor, you really ought to hitch a ride down here with Andy or Clay, or one of the Seattle bunch. After all, shouldn't one of the BAGGRESSIVE guys be here, at least?

Throw Far!
Dave Hughes   
by Lorenz @ 15 Aug 2004 12:45 am   
Yes, Tibi, go on, get those LD booms out again, your 100m ranking is fading :-)

bring the beat back !   
by Dave Hughes @ 8 Sep 2004 03:55 pm   
Guess What? Frederic Declerc, of Swiss Team Skandal, is in the States right now, and is thinking about coming over for the tourney! I hope to break into the 100M club myself this time, as I've been busily building LD booms and testing them. Watch Out! Lefty Thrower!!!

by Lorenz @ 19 Oct 2004 10:22 am   
Hi all

Congratulations to the new Canadian Record, Andy, and the rest of you for sterling performance. I'll update the results this weekend !

by Dave Hughes @ 20 Oct 2004 08:51 am   
The results of the 2004 Texas LD Shootout can be found on the BoomerangTalk Yahoo!Group, along with FOUR new 100MClub members!   

by Dave Hughes @ 21 Oct 2004 11:19 am   
I sent a full report and the scoresheet (.XLS) to Tibor yesterday. Get with him and have him send it to you. Photos are forthcoming, too, if you'd like those.

by laurent @ 24 Oct 2004 01:04 pm   
yes, we want some photos!   
by Tibor @ 25 Oct 2004 12:59 pm   
Hey, sorry about not answering here.
my boom time is quite restricted these days. A lot depends on how my work schedule will be next year.
I will have to check my mail for the report and will forward it to Lorenz asap Wink
I hope to see you next year.
by Dave Hughes @ 28 Oct 2004 08:02 am   
I just uploaded 81 more photos to Bruce Armstrong's website (as linked above).

by Bruce Armstrong @ 29 Oct 2004 03:22 pm   
Direct links to those new "Action" photos:
by Dave Hughes @ 29 Oct 2004 03:39 pm   
Oh, BTW, everyone except for Andy Cross are USA citizens, and all those were Texans, except for Roy Dempsey from Shreveport, Louisiana. I noticed that there are question marks beside some of the names in the standings list...

by Dave Hughes @ 19 Jan 2005 08:01 am   
Since I'm moving from Houston to Austin, Tx., the Texas LD Shootout will most likely be hosted by someone other than me if in Houston, but it possibly may be hosted by me in the Austin area this year if I can find a place to hold it. It will still be in the Fall, as that time of year has the best weather for LD in Texas. Not too hot, not too windy, not too wet.
Either way, it's still going to happen, so make your plans for mid-October somewhere in Texas!

Dave Hughes
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