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BAGGRESSiVE forum  |  Long Distance  |  Competition archive  |  Topic: Muehlacker, D :: October-2-2004
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Author Topic: Muehlacker, D :: October-2-2004  (Read 5890 times)
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« on: Jul 04, 2005, 22:47 »

Written by Laurent Garnier

Only" 13 throwers this autumn, quite few compared to the 20+ throwers in June. Some of the usual participants were absent, as well as in Kloten last week: LD throwers seem to have less motivation as usual at the end of this year Huh?

It was a cool LD event, though. Beautiful flights and relaxed athmosphere.

Quite good wheather with a lot of wind, especially during the morning. Wind was perfect for throwers who had heavy boomerangs, and a little bit too strong for the other ones (like me...). The wind was a little bit less strong during the afternoon. It was very constant in direction and we had not to change the line and spotters in the whole day, which is scarce enough to be noticed!

By the way, we were testing 2 new spotting machines crafted by the Hernandez' family. It is based on angles measurements. This new device has to be improved but it is very easy to use. It will allow very easy and quick measurements in the next tournaments. To be continued...

We made 3 rounds. Performances were quite good in these windy conditions. Here are the results, as far as I remember:
1  Uwe Kitzberger (D)       162 
2  Thorsten Gaupp (D)       157   
3  Antoine Hernandez (F)    151   
4  Ingo Frantz (D)          148   
5  Jo?Hernandez (F)         137   
6  Laurent Garnier (F)      130   
7  Ludovic Brioux (F)       123   
8  Stanislaus Plewinski (D) 101   
9  Gert Volland (D)         96 
10 Klaus Albrecht (D)       95   
   Rainer ?elh?D)           95   
12 Markus Rebensburg (D)    81 
13 Kari Korhonen (SF)       0     

Klaus Albrecht threw with a broken arm !! Furthermore to be noticed is the performance of Ingo Franz, who throwed an old-school "Challenger" type boomerang, built in carbon fiber and quite heavily leaded. With 148m I believe he approached the old World records made with this kind of boomerangs.
by uwe @ 4 Oct 2004 11:13 am   
Hallo Lorenz
Da haben sich einige Fehler eingeschlichen.
Thorsten mit h und 157m,
Markus hat 81m,
Rainer hei�t �belh�r, nicht Gr�benteich, und Klaus warf 95 m.
Vielen Dank und sch�ne Gr��e Uwe   
by Laurent @ 4 Oct 2004 04:20 pm   
oops, sorry for the mistakes. I did not rembember Rainer family name, although I knew he was not the other Rainer...
Another thing has to be noticed: Klaus Albrecht threw with a broken arm, which obviously reduced his throwing abilities. Not so bad flights, though.
MHLDR :-)   
by Lorenz @ 7 Oct 2004 12:58 pm   
Danke f�r die Infos, Uwe. Habs in Ordnung gebracht. Klaus mit gebrochenem Arm ?!?! Ein Indianer kennt keinen Schmerz :-)
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BAGGRESSiVE forum  |  Long Distance  |  Competition archive  |  Topic: Muehlacker, D :: October-2-2004
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