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BAGGRESSiVE forum  |  Long Distance  |  BAGGRESSiVE News  |  Topic: European Championship 2011 in Cabanac (near Bordeaux)
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Author Topic: European Championship 2011 in Cabanac (near Bordeaux)  (Read 4952 times)
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The tournament took place on the French National Day, July 14, on an a HUGE field in the village of Cabanac, which is about 30 km south of Bordeaux:

The field is about 400 m wide and 1400 m long - a fantastic place to throw LD, and no high grass. The only downside is the gravel that can be found on the field in patches.

There were 15 contestants from France, Switzerland, Germany, Great Britain, Italy and the USA. We threw 2 rounds of 8 throws each, each thrower had 3 practice throws to start with. The conditions were quite average during the first round, the wind was rather low and not many valid returns could be recorded. The wind became stronger during the second round. Manuel Schütz won the tournament with a distance of 172 m, second was Thomas Coiscault with 145 m, a personal best. Adam MacLaughlin scored a new British record at 135 m with a Milpas Reaper borrowed from me (Lorenz), which made me happy, because I was not satisfied with my own performance (117 m). Noteworthy are the 123 m of Ghislain Garbin on his first LD tournament, and the 108 m of Sonia Appriou, the second best performance ever by a woman, as far as we know (world record holder is Karen Dawson with 124 m, Santa Barbara 2001).

Complete results can be found here:

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BAGGRESSiVE forum  |  Long Distance  |  BAGGRESSiVE News  |  Topic: European Championship 2011 in Cabanac (near Bordeaux)
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