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BAGGRESSiVE forum  |  Long Distance  |  General ld Discussion  |  Topic: 3rd round of the Second National Boomerang Circuit
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Author Topic: 3rd round of the Second National Boomerang Circuit  (Read 1322 times)

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« on: Jun 26, 2011, 15:42 »

Registration is now open for the 3rd round of the Second National Boomerang Circuit (CNB) of the Brasilian Boomerang Federation (FBB) to be held on July 16th and July 17th, 2011, at AFA - Air Force Academy, in the city os Pirassununga, state of São Paulo. This 3rd round will have many new features to our members and athletes of the boomerang.

Highlight : the field is a dream for any boomers. The place has all infrastructure, hotel, caffy shops, restrooms and parking. As the other FBB´s events, there will have free water, fruits, snacks to the federated athletes and a T-shirt alluding to this round to all competitors.

The 3rd round of the CNB 2011 will take place Saturday (07/16/2011) and on Sunday (07/17/2011) we will have a new. There will be held the 1st Long Distance Challenge of the FBB, making the event calendar to keep each years more complete.

FBB for all : Unlike the other stages of the CNB, the 3rd round has one more great new. The non-federated athletes may participate. So anyone can participate, subject to one registration payment. This registration will be valid for the two day event. (rules for the participation of non-federated below). The FBB requested by the command of the AFA a special award to our athletes that was readily accepted by the Hon. Air Brigadier Carlos Augusto Amaral de Oliveira, who provided two extra prize as glider flights to the top two finishers in the competition. Athletes should make the flight on Sunday after the competition if there is a good weather conditions . If for some reason it could not be done that day, this flight may be pre-scheduled to another date.

Rules for non-federated athletes :
* Non-federated athletes who participate will have your points noted, but will not be considered records and not participate in the National Ranking. * The athlete will receive the award medals and trophy placement according to the classification of first to third and just one of the flights offered by AFA if it is ranked among the top two. Only one of the flights. If there is no non-federated athlete placed in this condition, the two flights will be for the 1st and 2nd placed in the competition.

Accommodation : Always seeking the best option for our athletes, the FBB arranged with the command of the AFA the possibility of hosting them in the Transit Hotel which is next to the field where the competition will be held. The hotel is new, comfortable and has free wireless. The daily cost per person including breakfast and lunch is R$ 30.00 (U$ 18.75), and FBB will give priority to the federateds reserves. So those interested should make your application as quickly as possible, because it´s a limited space.

To register, athletes interested should send an email to circuitonacional@fbbumerangue.com.br with the following data :
* Full Name : * Social Security Number : * Contact phone (cell and / or fixed) : * Shirt size : * Registration : o Step 3 of the National Boomerang Circuit - 16 days ( ) o 1st Long Distance Championships - day 17 ( ) o Daily Hotel : Yes ( ) or No ( )

Recalling that the federated athlete has to do their registration until the deadline and keep up with your annuity so
we can confirm your subscription.

Non-federated athletes should pay the fee in the amount of R$ 70.00 (U$ 43.75) to participate in the two days of competition, lunch, event T-shirt and participation medal. This value must to be deposited unti 07/05/2011 and the proof has to be attached to the application form to circuitonacional@fbbumerangue.com.br.
Below deposit account data : Federação Brasileira de Bumerangue CNPJ : 10.673.712/0001-25 Bank 237 - Banco Bradesco SA Agency bank : 2953-0 Account : 6563 - 3

An confirmation email will be sent within 72 hours. If you do not receive the confirmation within this period resend the data for security. The registrations dates is June 16 to July 5. Any questions or comments should be sent to the contato@fbbumerangue.com.br

Marcio Ap. M. Nóra - Presidente Bomerang Brasilian Federation (FBB in portuguese) http://www.fbbumerangue.com.br
"Boomerangs exist. We play."
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BAGGRESSiVE forum  |  Long Distance  |  General ld Discussion  |  Topic: 3rd round of the Second National Boomerang Circuit
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