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BAGGRESSiVE forum  |  Long Distance  |  Competition archive  |  Topic: Delaware, OH :: US Nationals :: August-012-2004
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Author Topic: Delaware, OH :: US Nationals :: August-012-2004  (Read 5860 times)
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« on: Jul 04, 2005, 22:41 »

Written by Jason Smuckers

The 2004 US National Long Distance Championships were held today (12 August 2004) in Delaware, OH. We had 13 throwers compete, many for their first LD tournament, and therefore many set personal records. The score summary is below. The full score sheet is here. (The full sheet utilizes some macros.)

I (Jason) convinced our international guests Nobu (Japan) and Ricardo (Brazil) to throw LD even though the longest distance stick they brought were 50 meter Aussie-round booms. I let them throw my only LD boom in warm-ups and they were doing pretty well.
We also had some great first time performances from Stephanie, Scot, Morri, and Wilson. The left handed Wilson threw an Aussie round boom for a score, and then made several valiant attempts to throw a right-handed LD boom with his left hand.

In the morning round, winds were very light and shifty. Chet�s anemometer measured a maximum of 1.1 miles per hour during the warm-up round. Regardless, we made some decent throws. Cody Snouffer led after the first round with 105 meters (joining the 100 meter club for the first time). Tucson Tom also joined the club with an official throw of 100 meters. Also of note was Bob Foresi�s 94 meter throw.

At lunch, I retuned my boom with Nobu and Tom�s help. In the morning the boom had climbed really high and was only traveling 70-75 meters. We located the problem in a dingle arm with excessive dihedral. We returned the dingle wing to a flat tune and the boom started flying more like an LD boom instead of an Aussie round.

The winds picked up and were steadier for the afternoon round. Chet�s anemometer read a pretty steady 5 MPH wind all afternoon. Ricardo set the pace, throwing my retuned boom for 109 meters. Nobu refused to use my LD boom, even though he helped tune it. Instead he chose to borrow Cody�s Schummy boom, but he could only muster a pair of 63 meter throws. Moleman set down his Challenger and threw Stephanie�s new LD boom for 77 meters. I threw my retuned boom for 105 meters. Kendall borrowed my boom for a 97 meter throw, asking, �How do you throw this, Jason? My answer was, �Just about like that !" Morri came so close to the 100 meter club it was painful at 99 meters on his last throw. Tucson Tom bested his first round and came in at 102 meters. Finally, Cody showed his consistency with yet another 105 meter throw.

In the end, Ricardo won his first LD tournament with a 109 meter throw. With no evidence to the contrary, we submit this as a new Brazilian record. The top Americans were Cody and Jason tied at 105 meters. The rest of the results are listed below.

Finally, the B-Aggressive site does not list a Japanese LD record. So without any further evidence, we claim that Nobu set a new Japanese LD record of 63 meters. He may wish to deny all knowledge of such a record, but we think it should stand. Maybe he will be motivated to host a long distance tournament at the next world cup in Japan, hoping that somebody, anybody, will break his little record.

1  Ricardo Bruni Marx (Bra)    109
2  Jason Smucker (USA)         105
3  Cody Snouffer (USA)         105
4  Tucson Tom (USA)            102
5  Morri Mohr (USA)            99 
6  Kendall Davis (USA)         97 
7  Bob Foresi (USA)            94 
8  John "Moleman" Antony (USA) 77 
9  Chet Snouffer (USA)         75 
10 Nobuyuki Iizuka (J)         63 
11 Wilson Lawrence (USA)       54 
12 Stephanie Frisch (USA)      39 
   Scot McMillian (USA)        39 
by B AGGRESSiVE Co-Webmaster (Lorenz) @ 23 Aug 2004 04:51 pm   
Yes, there are the two entries of Ricardo and Nobu to the National Records List.
by Dave Hughes @ 27 Aug 2004 01:37 pm   
The boom that MoleMan threw was one made by me for Stephanie from 2.3MM Derakane (a glass-filled vinyl epoxy resin). I get more than 77M out of mine, though, by virtue of being more used to throwing it. A heavier version is in the works...
by Ricardo Bruni Marx @ 30 Oct 2004 05:58 am   
It's a great plasure enter to the 100m club, Im one old fan of this website! Thank you for everything!!   
by Lorenz @ 8 Nov 2004 05:31 pm   
Well, congratulations Ricardo to the National Record and your victory ! Lorenz
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BAGGRESSiVE forum  |  Long Distance  |  Competition archive  |  Topic: Delaware, OH :: US Nationals :: August-012-2004
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