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BAGGRESSiVE forum  |  Long Distance  |  Competition archive  |  Topic: Haguenau, F :: World LD Championships :: July-22/23-2004
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Author Topic: Haguenau, F :: World LD Championships :: July-22/23-2004  (Read 5736 times)
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Written by Lorenz Gubler

There were 3 rounds of 5 throws each. Manuel not only won the tournament, but also set a new World Record thrown with a wooden boomerang over 127 m (MegaQuirl, 5 mm plywood) in the third round, when the wind was relatively strong. The previous record was 120 m, achieved by Michel Dufayard with a FullPower (6 mm plywood), Troyes 1997.

New entries into the 100 m Hall Of Fame:
Tim Lendrum (AUS) 147 m, first LD tournament !
Richard Bower (USA) 108 m
Our two juniors from Switzerland:
Andrea Cocco (CH) 120 m, 13 years !
Tobias Jakob (CH) 103 m, 16 years

The LD World Championships took place on a well-known field: The Haguenau A�rodrome. Roland Untereiner has organized previous tournaments here. It's in kind of an industrial area and - this is really cool - the hotel is just across the street. 2 minutes walking to the field !

On the evening of July 21, we all gathered at Roland's for a very cosy Barbeque in the courtyard. When it started raining - no problem: there was a sheltered area.

The first day, one round of LD and MTA Unlimited were held. The conditions were far from ideal: it was hot, the wind was very shifty, and the line had to be rotated and moved over and over again, which was a bit tedious. Some good results were achieved, though. At the end of day 1, Manuel was in front with 166 m, followed by Tim (147 m) and Lorenz (123 m).

The second day, the wind was much more predictable. Mostly, it came from the same direction, with a few occasions when it went 360� in 5 minutes. Some more good throws were achieved, among those the 180 m throw by Manuel. Towards the end of the competition, huge black clouds formed in the sky, there were lightning and thunder all of a sudden, so we stopped for 15 min. Afterwards, everything was quiet again. In the last round, when there was a nice and steady breeze, Manuel took out his old wooden MegaQuirl, and got a nice flight reaching out 127 m - another World Record: the farthest distance thrown with a wooden boomerang (lead weighted though)

1  Manuel Schuetz (CH)      180   
2  Tim Lendrum (AUS)        147   
3  Uwe Kitzberger (D)       145   
4  Antoine Hernandez (F)    132   
5  Lorenz Gubler (CH)       123   
6  Andrea Cocco (CH)        120   
7  Rolf Schlayer (D)        119   
8  Andy Cross (CDN)         118   
9  Christophe Taboureux (F) 113   
   Ingo Frantz (D)          113   
11 Clay Dawson (USA)        108   
   Richard Bower (USA)      108   
13 Kari Korhonen (SF)       105   
14 Tobias Jakob (CH)        103   
15 Jason Smucker (USA)      94   
16 Daniel Bower (USA)       93   
17 Laurent Garnier (F)      92   
18 Rainer Graebenteich (D)  91   
19 Michel Misslin (F)       82   
20 Stanislaus Plewinski (D) 74   
21 Bruno M?ller (D)         69 
22 Georgi Dimantchev (BUL)  58   
23 Marcus Rebensburg (D)    -     
23 Jo?l Hernandez (F)       -     
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BAGGRESSiVE forum  |  Long Distance  |  Competition archive  |  Topic: Haguenau, F :: World LD Championships :: July-22/23-2004
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