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BAGGRESSiVE forum  |  Long Distance  |  Competition archive  |  Topic: Muehlacker, D :: June-19/20-2005
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Author Topic: Muehlacker, D :: June-19/20-2005  (Read 5680 times)
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« on: Jul 04, 2005, 22:33 »

Written by Lorenz Gubler

The LD aficionados gathered on Saturday 09:00 at the railway station in M?er for registration. Bretzels and coffee were served to get going. There were 18 throwers from Germany, France and one from Switzerland (me :-).

The tournament started with the introduction of a device that may be described as a 'spot-o-meter', which is essentially a tripod with adjustable and rotatable top to help find the bearings of the farthest point. There were 4 devices, 2 positioned on each side about 50 m from the centerline perpendicular to the baseline, at a distance corrresponding to the distance usually attained by the throwers of the group in competition at the moment. The positioning to the side of the boomerang trajectories to be expected helps finding the maximum distance, as spotting is easiest and most accurate if the boom flightbath is seed edge-on. The entire fist round was measured with the standard method (spotters) and spotters using the spot-o-meters. the distance to the center of the baseline was then measured using a laser rangefinder. Up to 120m, the difference between the two results was not more than 3m, which is within the estimated accuracy of the spotting method. Above 120m, single measurements showed a deviation of up to 6 m. The conclusion was that there is not a significant difference in the distance measurement using the spot-o-meters, but that it can help make spotting more comfortable, as the spotters don't need to remain in position until the position of the distance is determined. It is nevertheless helpful to have some regular spotters on the field to help in case the boomerang takes an unexpected flightpath and spotting using the devices becomes difficult or impossible.

Anyway, back to the tournament: the weather was very changeable on the first day. Two rounds were held. The throwing had to be interrupted at some point due to heavy rain. This was the opportunity to break for lunch, which was 'Maultaschen in der Br?a Swabian speciality (some kind of Ravioli in a soup). After the first day's work, the group relocated to Klaus Albrecht and his family's farmhouse to gather for a barbeque. A huge fire was started, fuelled by wooden palletts. There was plenty of food, beer and wine, and no neet to be quiet because there were no neighbors..

The next day, the weather stayed dry. However, the wind was very changeable and shifty. The line had to be moved several times. Sometimes, the wind shifted from one throw to the next by 180?, then changed back again, after the spotters had been repositioned. That was somewhat tedious. At the end, the winner and runner-up were only separated by 1 meteter (!). There were 2 new entries into the 100 m list, Marcus Rebensburg with 116 m, and Klaus Albrecht with 105 m. A new personal best for Jo묠Hernandez with 124 m, improving his previous best by 2 m. Jo묠said that it is still his goal to beat his son Antoine, who had 132m in this tournament, but who's personal best is 166 m (French Record) !

1  Uwe Kitzberger (D)       151
2  Thorsten Gaupp (D)       150
3  Lorenz Gubler (CH)       137
4  Antoine Hernandez (F)    132
5  Laurent Garnier (F)      127
6  Jo?Hernandez (F)         124
7  Kari Korhonen (SF)       121
8  Rolf Schlayer (D)        117
9  Marcus Rebensburg (D)    116
10 Klaus Albrecht (D)       105
11 Olli Kobes (D)           89 
12 Rainer Graebenteich (D)  88 
13 Stanislaus Plewinski (D) 86 
14 Gert Volland (D)         79 
15 Bastian Gaupp (D)        65 
16 Rainer ?elh?D)           37 
17 Ludovic Brioux (F)       -   
17 Hans Groth (D)           -   

 pictures on swissboomerangs.ch.

Hello Lorenz
Did anybody publish somes photos on a website ?
Salut Laurent

I got some photos from Stanislaus, but didn't find the time yet to post them. Please check again in a couple of days.   

by Stanislaus Plewinski @ 1 Jul 2004 07:33 pm   
Hallo Laurent,

Have a look at my page www.harmony-fly.de.   
by laurent @ 3 Jul 2004 04:51 pm   
Beautiful "live" pictures from Stanislaus, as usual!
by Lorenz @ 5 Jul 2004 05:16 pm   
ok, check out the picture gallery on swissboomerangs.ch

cheers, Lorenz
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BAGGRESSiVE forum  |  Long Distance  |  Competition archive  |  Topic: Muehlacker, D :: June-19/20-2005
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