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BAGGRESSiVE forum  |  Long Distance  |  Competition archive  |  Topic: Kloten, CH :: Swiss LD Championships :: May-8-2004
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Author Topic: Kloten, CH :: Swiss LD Championships :: May-8-2004  (Read 6022 times)
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« on: Jul 04, 2005, 22:27 »

Written by Lorenz Gubler

Kloten 2004 will be remembered for heavy wind and a very close 1st and 2nd place. It was already clear from the weather forecast that the conditions would be less than ideal. Wind was announced and also a little bit of rain. Luckily, it stayed dry. The wind was from a constant direction (west) and strong. The grass was about 20-30 cm long, so we spent quite some time looking for crashed boomerangs. In the end, we found all but one.

Throwers were from Germany, Finland, England and of course Switzerland. The conditions were difficult to handle, often boomerangs had to be retrieved 200 m away from the throwing line - in all directions ! The difficulty was to get the boomerang to fly between the base line poles - not easy in this wind - so the critical throwing parameter was the angle to the wind.

There were two rounds of five throws each. After the first round, Manuel was leading with 152 m in front of myself (Lorenz, 135 m) and Uwe (126 m). These were the only scores over 100 m. In the second round, the wind was slightly more favorable, i.e. less strong. I managed to get my act together and pull off a 147 m flight. The boomerang I was using was a gift from Uwe Kitzberger last year (Kloten 2003), he designed it and named it after ... ahem, me. A bit embarassing to throw with a boomerang that has your name :-) Anyway, it's an excellent flyer, unweighted, with a tucked in dingle arm compared to the Voyager. Maybe I'll post a plan soon. With this score I came 3rd. The 2nd and 1st place was a very close match: Uwe equalized his German Record (166 m), Manuel had 168 m. The accuracy of the measurement was likely to be not as good as 2m. Both their best scores, Uwe and Manu achieved with their last throw ! That's what you call mental strength. Kari Korhonen, the Finnish Record holder, threw 124 m. The next two, Rolf Schlayer and Markus Peissard, were a bit unlucky, they both had 99 m.

1  Manuel Schuetz (CH)      168
2  Uwe Kitzberger (D)       166
3  Lorenz Gubler (CH)       147
4  Kari Korhonen (SF)       124
5  Rolf Schlayer (D)         99
6  Markus Peissard (CH)      99
7  Colin Alston (GB)         82
8  Klaus Albrecht (D)        79
9  Christian Schneider (CH)  73
10 Stanislaus Plewinski (D)  71
Of course we concluded the day with a cosy barbeque at the fireplace located next to the field.

Also check out the information of the Swiss Boomerang Federation, where you can find 8 more pictures in the gallery.
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BAGGRESSiVE forum  |  Long Distance  |  Competition archive  |  Topic: Kloten, CH :: Swiss LD Championships :: May-8-2004
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