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Author Topic: Dallas LD June 6/7 2009  (Read 6609 times)
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« on: Jul 10, 2009, 11:31 »

This is a report from David. 100 m club will be updated soon...
Well, it was a great tourney, as I mentioned last night, for the amount
of Personal Best (PB) records and throws over 100m. There weren't a lot
of us for Friday's warm up; Tom, Rob, John and myself. But we had fun
and then had BBQ at Spring Creek for supper. Tom came from New Mexico
and Rob and John from Pennsylvania.

Saturday morning the whole crew showed up. Bruce with Ace (his son),
Cameron (his nephew) and Cameron's girlfriend Stephanie drove in from
Midlothian, about 40 miles away; thanks to Stephanie for being tolerant
of us. Cameron and Stephanie are from Oklahoma. At the end of the day,
as the heat made us silly, I suggested Stephanie give Cameronís
boomerang a good luck kiss for his last throw and in the spirit of fun
she obliged! She tried one throw at the end, for grins. Stu drove up
that morning from Houston. Jason, who has work related duties in Ft.
Worth on Monday, came early to join us, flying in from Atlanta. Larry
and Barry Burns drove in from east of Dallas.

Rob gets the attaboy for perseverance; He threw with a compressed disc
and cracked ribs. Though he didn't throw the first round, he managed a
respectable 97 in the second. John, Rob's son, can attest to Rob's wife
Peg that we didn't make him do it :-) .

I designated Rob as Field Director and he and I did the field
callibration that I had hoped for with the two range finders before
throwing began. We went to a moderate sized building with a wide flat
surface and laid out the 120m tape I have and read distance at 50, 100,
120 and 150m. Andy Crossís borrowed range finder was 1 meter greater
than the tape at all distances. My range finder, a cheaper model, was
variable by 1-3 meters but always less than the tape. We decided that if
both range finders agreed, that would be the score and if not, we would
use Andyís instrumentís reading, minus one meter (for instance, mine at
98, Andyís at 101, score = 100).

Winds were gusty but relatively steady from 8 to 12mph. I ran the
tourney with two 3 by 8 rounds; 3 warm ups then 8 scoring throws per
group. We had three groups. We all agreed that this format is much
better, allowing more for "dialing in" one's throw.

Instead of the Twinkie Shrine, we had a Tasty Kakes shrine :-) . We
toasted the end of the tourney with a Lone Star Longneck (beer), the
original long neck, as they like to say. Iíll post some pix from the
event soon.

Immediately after the conclusion of competition, we headed for The
Jalapeno Tree for TexMex and awards.

The high scores were:
Tom Wythes - 140m (tie for PB); tentative WR, Men Over 50 Category
Bruce Armstrong/John Stewart - 113m (PB both); first 100m throw for John
David Hirsch - 112m
Barry Burns - 110m (PB; second of two 100m throws this comp, first 100m
Jason Smucker - 103m
Rob Stewart - 97m
Larry Burns - 95m (PB)
Cameron Kelsey - 95m
Ace Armstrong - 95m
Stu Jones - (no score)

[Note: for those that arenít aware, weíve simplified the way categories
are delineated. They are automatic. Never scored in a tournament,
Novice. Scored but under 100m, Intermediate. Scored 100m or above,
Advanced. Junior, under 18. Veteran, 50 or older. Categories can
overlap. Thus a Novice can win 1st in Novice and place in the advanced
standings as well. We did not have any female entrants.]

1st Place Advanced, Tom Wythes
2nd Place Advanced (tie), Bruce Armstrong, John Stewart
3rd Place Advanced, David Hirsch
4th Place Advanced, Barry Burns
5th Place Advanced, Jason Smucker
6th Place Advanced, Rob Stewart
1st Place Junior, Ace Armstrong
1st Place Veteran, Tom Wythes
2nd Place Veteran, David Hirsch
3rd Place Veteran, Rob Stewart
1st Place Novice, John Stewart
1st Place Intermediate, Barry Burns
2nd Place Intermediate, Larry Burns

Full Scores (x = scratch, + = score but no measure), in order thrown:
Group 1:
Bruce - Round 1: x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x /Round 2: 108,x,x,x, 105,x, 113,x
Barry - Round 1: x,x,x,x,x, 107, x,x /Round 2: 110, x,x,x, 86, x,x,x
Tom - Round 1: 107, 125, 123, x,x,x,x,x /Round 2: x,x, 116, x, 140, x,x,x

Group 2:
Jason - Round 1: x,x,x,x,x,x, 103, x /Round 2: x,x, 82, x, 97, +,x, 103
David - Round 1: x,x,x,x,x,x, 101, x /Round 2: x,x, 112, +,x,x,x,x
John - Round 1: x, 95, x,x, 89, x,x,x /Round 2: 113, 93, x,x,x,x,x,x
Ace - Round 1: x,x,x,x,x,x,x, 95 /Round 2: x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x

Group 3:
Larry - Round 1: 68, x, 86, x,x,x,x,x /Round 2: 65, 87, x,x, 75, 95, +,x
Stu - Round 1: x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x /Round 2: x,x,x,x,x,x,x,x
Cameron - Round 1: x,x,x,x,x,x, 95, x /Round 2: x, 75, x,x,x,x,x, 71
Rob - Round 2 only: x,x, 63, x,x,x,x 97

A hearty thank you to the USBA for a supporting grant and to Boomerang
Freight for the sponsoring funds that generated said grants.

Thanks once again to all who came and played. I look forward to seeing
some of you at the USBA Nationals for LD on Friday August 21st and at
the Texas Shoot-Out in Houston, Oct. 16-18.

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