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Author Topic: Kloten 2008: Some results  (Read 10374 times)

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« on: Apr 16, 2008, 07:32 »

Here are some results from Kloten, last weekend that I remember:

BTW: It's not quite obvious how to open a new thread in this forum. So I posted it as an answer...

1. Manuel Schütz SUI 203 m SWISS CHAMPION 2008
2. Tobias Jakob SUI 146 m  2nd SWISS 2008
3. Uwe Kitzberger GER 133 m
4.                         F    129 m
5. Lorenz Gubler    SUI  127 m 3rd SWISS 2008
Ruedi Salzmann SUI  100 m
Andrew Cross CAN 96 m

There were no zeros, we did two rounds of 8 throws each. That worked quite well, no need to switch groups too often and less waste of time. Remarkable were the throws of Tobias Jakob: He improved his personal best from 120m to 146m and is currently the second best Swiss LD-thrower! Even his first throw of the first round was valid and assured his 2nd place: 137m.
Wind conditions were almost perfect: No need to move the baseline.
149 m

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« Reply #1 on: Apr 17, 2008, 16:43 »

Dear LD friends

The full results are now onlie at http://www.baggressive.com/ld/results/indexT.php?sel_thrower=0&sel_tourno=155

The conditions at this year's Swiss LD Championships were just about perfect: temperature around 15°C, a mild sunshine, yet nice cumuli as well, a fairly steady breeze from the west, and grass that has not grown too high yet. We had to rotate the line only a few times, and just once, we moved the line back a bit to avoid getting too close to the path with people walking by.

All of the 14 competitors had at least one valid throw, which makes me very happy. It's just too depressing if you have to go home with a zero score. However, considering the ideal conditions, the average performance was not too good. With the exception of Manuel, of course, who threw a mindboggling 203 m, and Tobias Jakob with a new personal best of 146 m. This time, only one French thrower, Laurent Garnier, honoured us, holding up the flag for his country.

Manuel came forth with a new development, a carbon fibre laminated voyager. He used a mold similar to the one he uses for his MTAs. But for this voyager, he didn't use a leightweight core, 'just' layers of carbon fibres (u/d and fabric). The weight is only 35 g, thickness 2.3 mm. I threw with two of his prototypes, and I have to say, it's fantastic. You think the boom will crash on its way back, but no, it stays aloft and curves back to the thrower. Manu is planning to start production soon.
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