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Author Topic: USBA Nationals results  (Read 12927 times)
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« on: Aug 28, 2007, 17:27 »

Tom Wythes: 140m, 
Rob Stewart: 127m,   
Morri Moore: 123m,
Stu Jones: 116m, 
Daniel Bower: 115m,   
David Hirsch: 112m,
Dennis Joyce: 109m,   
Randy Kirk: 108m, 
Richard Bower: 106m,
Dan Johnson: 105m,   
Jason Smucker: 103m,
Joe Rader: 92m,   
Retro Dan Heflinger: 80m

Some new 100m club entries (I think).
Here is the review from Tom and Rob (nabbed from the Yahoo group):

I believe there were 13 throwers and we broke into 3 groups of 4-5.
We had some extra helpers for the poles and spotting.

We got set up in the morning with the safety net behind the throw
line so we were throwing east into a light breeze. The first 2
groups really struggled to get returns as the wind became light and
was puffing from all directions. We moved the throw line to the
other side of the field as the winds seemed to be coming mainly from
the west. So now we were throwing towards and sometimes over the
spectators (only a few dicy moments). I believe Morri managed a 106
or something in the bad air. The spotters were shifted around
almost 180 degrees and back again. After the first 2 groups we
broke for lunch (hosted by Outback Steakhouse)in hopes of
improvement in the conditions.

I had the good fortune of being in the 3rd group, not only because
the winds did pick up and become steady after lunch but also because
I had been nursing a bad back for 3 weeks and further aggrevated it
in practice the previous day. A masseuse was set up under the tent
by lunch time and in 10 minutes he fixed my back.

I don't remember the details of all the throws after that. I do
know that I started out with 2 returns >100 m that were scratched
due to foot faults (I think that is a stupid rule and we should
change it). I believe it was the final throw of the first round
that I got a 140 with an oversize CF voyager with lead tape that
weighed a total of 73 gms.

We got in 4 rounds all together (a few stopped after 3 to focus on
the next days activities) and there were quite a few personel bests
and some new 100 m club members. After lunch the conditions were
near ideal and confortable temperatures. The breeze might have
gotten a little too high for a period there before settling down
again for the last round.

All in all I'd say it was a great day.

Tom NM

Follow up to Tom's much more concise Part I...
Hey Pat, we wish you'd been there, too. We missed you. You probably wouldn't have enjoyed the weather, though - it was sunny, about 75-80 degrees with low humidity and a nice breeze all day - not at all like that beautiful August weather you get in Tyler, Texas.
The field and facility were great. The Eau Claire community parks folks who hosted the tourney were more than accommodating and I think Don Monroe did a fabulous job of organizing and keeping things clicking along.  Joe Rader had a really nice sign made for the entrance to the park.
[David, you'll need to arrange for a masseuse at the ShootOut in October.]
I liked Tom's description of the LD comp, and I agree with him about repealing the foot across the line rule. We expect that will be all fixed up by ShootOut time.  I did have the honor of seeing Tom's "140" show up in the laser rangefinder. That's a pretty sight.
Out on the field Dana Larabee and his son, Kevin, were there documenting peoples' LD throws. They had great video and audio gear and were getting interviews with all the big wigs in attendance - I caught part of Matt Golenor giving David Hirsch an interview with an overview of the competition.
One of the Snouffers (Chet?) was doing a play by play over the PA system for the spectators for a couple rounds. Lots of lively and astute commentary with little profiles of the throwers as they came to the line. Very interesting. (I heard my name at the line once and choked big time! Smiley
Morri started with his patented, heartbreak throws early - super long and just short of the line on the returns! He certainly got into the groove with a big PB later on, though. Randy and Dan from California were throwing a mile with great returns. They just got better with every throw.  Lars Overzee was there from the Netherlands, very kindly volunteering his services on the line - he said that he hasn't seen big fields like that where he's from. Hope he gets to see Bush Park in Houston some time. Dennis "Juice" Joyce had just suffered a work related knee injury - I couldn't believe he was even out throwing. He kept getting better all day long. The Bowers both were throwing these beautiful, majestic flights - very similar. Go figure...  Those guys have more intense fun throwing booms than should be legal. (I predict that their sister, Katy, who volunteered recording the measurements and announcing the groups of throwers, will have a rewarding career as either an opera singer or testing sound cancelling headphones for Bose at their jet engine facility - Katy had a walkie but it was more of a fashion accessory that she didn't really need because she has the LOUDEST VOICE ON THE PLANET.)   I think Joe, David and Tom were getting their booms out the farthest - amazing distances, even against some very high and shifting winds!  Tom sure had his dialed in and capitalized. I really lucked out with some advantageous shifts in wind position and was able to get in a couple returning throws. Jason had some of the most consistently great looking throws and didn't give up til he was getting them back between the sticks. Stu just made his personal best look so easy, like he was out skipping stones on a creek or something, belying his years of comp experience. I was out spotting one round and a family of bike riders stopped near me to watch. They were fascinated when Dan Johnson (from Eau Claire, Wisconsin) got up to throw. "Check out the guns on this guy," I says to them. Dan lets this monster throw loose that goes way past the concession stand while the family watched in awe. They assessed that the hometown product was far superior and went on their way. You could see how Dan J gets such great MTA times - he throws for the stratosphere.
The highlight for me was the food. David heard about a brew pub and we checked it out the night before the comp. Good local beers and we got a tutorial from the waiter on the indiginous peoples and their feeding habits. LD day lunch was provided by Outback Steakhouse at lunch - the food was great and the kids who served it up were real nice. Just before the last LD round the concession stand was closing up and giving away hamburgers, soft pretzels and brats. Now I know why Wisconsiners live there: it's the brats (and Leinenkugel beer!).  Toward dinner time, we tapped Dan Johnson for a local spot to eat. He suggested a place called Noodles & Co. One faction, of which the Bowers seemed to be the ringleaders, hosted an impromptu feast in their motel room (think frat party), while another group took Dan J's suggestion and descended upon Noodles for a great meal. A little ice cream afterwards for a few of us. I don't remember getting back to the hotel and falling asleep. So how bad can 3rd degree sunburn be after a day of throwing sticks and partying?
Well, that was just the fist day of the comp. Somebody else will have to pick up the story for the following days/nights activities.
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« Reply #1 on: Aug 29, 2007, 15:39 »

results can be found here:


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