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Author Topic: Tuning  (Read 5534 times)
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« on: Nov 17, 2005, 10:57 »

Condensed Know-How  (for more detailed information, cf. our ld book)

We compiled a few hints derived from other throwers and based upon our own knowledge regarding the tuning of LD boomerangs (aoa = angle of attack):
  • Adding a positive dihedral generally results in a higher and shorter flightpath with the boom having a larger laydown rate, and you risk of obtaining a screw* flight pattern.
  • With a negative dihedral on the other hand you obtain a boom that flies fa,rther and stays lower. Besides, the laydown rate is smaller, so the boomerang flies a more circular, left** flight path.
  • A positive aoa on the leading arm gives more drag and provokes a shorter, more circular flightpath with less laydown. A negative aoa lets the boom travel out straight farther.
  • Adding a positive aoa at the dingle wing renders a more circular flightpath with a hover at the end. With a negative aoa you obtain a more elliptical flightpath and provoke the boom to perform an s-curve on its way back.
REMEMBER: Be careful with your tuning. Make only small changes!

* screw flightpath: boomerang (right-handed) precesses to fast and keels over to the right
** left flightpath: opposite from screw, boomerang does not precess (tilt axis of rotation) sufficiently, it makes a large curve to the left and always lands left, no matter how flat you throw.
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BAGGRESSiVE forum  |  Long Distance  |  Articles  |  Topic: Tuning
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