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Title: Swiss LD Championships 2015
Post by: Lorenz on Aug 09, 2015, 15:01
This year the Swiss LD Championships are held again in autumn, on October 4 to be precise.

9:00warm-up (regular booms only)
10:301st round
12:30lunch (please bring your own)
13:002nd round
15:00awards ceremony

Venue: the tournament takes place near the airport Zurich-Kloten.
map (215 kB) (,
detailed map (994 kB) (
bird's eye view (101 kB) ( (June 2009)
Google Maps (,8.524640&spn=0.041650,0.051207&t=h&hl=en)

In analogy to the years before, we will not have a scheduled warm-up for each group, but rather allot more throws per participant, e.g. 8 throws per round (depending on the number of contestants).

If you are living further away than you can travel in 1 day, please let me know, so we can make proper arrangements for accomodation, picking-up at the airport etc.

As usual: we will be having a barbeque after the tournament. Bring along whatever you like to grill, or let me know and I'll get it for you.

Options for accommodation ( in the area.

Registration & Contact:
Lorenz Gubler
Weinbergstrasse 3c
5417 Untersiggenthal
Tel. +41 (0)56 441 38 17
mobile +41 (0)79 568 18 64

Title: Re: Swiss LD Championships 2015
Post by: Lorenz on Oct 09, 2015, 15:45
Hi all

Only 9 throwers turned up this time, maybe because of the date in autumn ?
In any case, the field was in a terrible state, as it was "ploughed" by the military and turned into a dirt track. Luckily the ground was dry, despite the shower of rain during the night, so the field was not turned into a mud pot.

During the first round the wind was relatively stable with a light breeze from SW. During the lunch break and the beginning of the second round, the wind was calm. Then, the strength picked up a little bit with the same direction as in the morning.

Manuel Schütz won the tournament with 171 m, followed by Laurent Garnier (126 m) with only 1 m in front of Stephan Spirgi (125 m).


The complete results datasheet can be found here: