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European Championships 2021
12 July 2021

Venue: Craon F
Organizer: n/a

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After the World Boomerang Championship 2020 in Bordeaux, France, had to be cancelled, the European Boomerang Championship 2021 was fortunately organized by the national Fédération Française de Vol Libre (FFVL) from 10-12 July 2021 in Laval, France. The invitation to this event could only be made at relatively short notice. Nevertheless, 43 throwers from 4 countries registered, including 8 juniors (<18 years), 24 seniors (18-49 years) and 11 veterans (50+ years).

On Monday, 12/7/2021, the Long Distance competition took place at the Craon Hippodrome, a spacious horse racing track, with 13 throwers, including 2 juniors, 7 seniors and 5 veterans.

The weather was rainy with showers at first, but cleared up in the afternoon. At the same time, the wind increased to about 15-30 km/h. In three rounds everyone had a total of 17 throws. All of the contestants achieved valid throws, seven throwers with distances over 100m.

Not unexpectedly, Manuel Schütz won the competition quite clearly with distances of 166 m and 165 m and could also achieve 104 m with a Natural Elbow made of oak (?). The decision for second place was very exciting: Laurent Garnier and Hans-Georg Borowski-Kyhos were tied with best distances of 116 m and 112 m, respectively, so that only in the tie-break the third best distance of Laurent with 111 m ahead of Hans-Georg with 106 m decided. Hans-Georg was able to catch his best distance of 116 m just outside the throwing circle and thus took first place among the veterans. Matéo Guerrero achieved 1st place among the juniors with a respectable best distance of 105 m and 8 valid throws, 3 of them over 100 m.

The results of the other throwing disciplines are detailed in the app at https://ebc-

Report by Hans-Georg Borowski-Kyhos, English translation by, edited by Lorenz Gubler


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