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Swiss LD Championships 2019
29 September 2019

Venue: Langenzinggen Kloten CH
Organizer: Lorenz Gubler

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I had trouble finding enough people to have a decent tournament, in particular since Alejo announced his participation from Spain and Bill his from Amsterdam ! Anyway, eventually we were 7 throwers for the first round of 8 throws, during lunch Stephan Spirgi turned up, so he competed in the second round.

I had feared that the weather would be bad, but we were lucky: it was a splendid autumn day with sunshine. The find was not very steady, during the last few throws of the second round it became rather heavy.

The results were not that great, but I am always happy if all the contestants get a valid throw. Manu won the tournnament with 161 m, I came second with 117 m, third was Alejo with 114 m.


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