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This page lists the contents of the LD results database. Complete tournament data is available from the year 2000 onwards, results from previous years are incomplete. Please report any missing information or mistakes to the General ld Discussion Forum.

ld Statistics

Various LD result statistics can be generated using this script. Remember that the data is not complete prior to the year 2000. Should there be an important feature missing, please report it in the General ld Discussion Forum.

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National Records

LD Results:

Country Thrower Distance /m Tournament Boomerang
Switzerland Manuel Schuetz 238 Swiss LD Championships 99 Voyager I, 3.1 mm gfec
Germany Thorsten Gaupp 186 Muehlacker 07
Australia David Schummy 174 World Boomerang Championships 98 Buzz Whip
France Antoine Hernandez 166 Muehlacker Fall Tournament 01
United States Logan Broadbent 162 Carpe Diem LD 10
Canada Andrew Cross 152 Texas LD Shootout 04
Spain Alejandro Palacio 152 World Boomerang Championship 18
Japan Nobuyuki Iizuka 146 Japan Boomerang Cup 04
Finland Antti Luuri 139 Bordeaux 10
Great Britain Adam McLaughlin 135 European Championships 11
Czech Republic Venda Broz 127 Muehlacker Fall 07
Brasil Robson da Silva Oliveira 126 World Boomerang Championship 12
Italy Andrea Sgattoni 122 World Boomerang Championship 12
Netherlands Ed ter Laare 120 Dutch Open Long Distance Championship 99 Voyager GFEC
Denmark Henrik Mahler 113 World Boomerang Championship 10
Belgium Herman Peeters 112 Wanroij 00
Bulgaria Todor Enev 110 Spanish Nationals 06 Rayo 3mm pax
Slovenia Zoran Jarnovich 102 European Championships 99
Sweden Ola Wahlberg 81.15 European Championships 95
Ireland Sean Slade 80.63 Shrewsbury 98
Argentina Edgardo Confessore 77 World Boomerang Championship 12
Austria Bernd Kolmanz 63 EBC09 09
Pakistan Wahab Chisthi 46 Maulbronn 00

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