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This page lists the contents of the LD results database. Complete tournament data is available from the year 2000 onwards, results from previous years are incomplete. Please report any missing information or mistakes to the General ld Discussion Forum.

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World Boomerang Championship 2012
28 October 2012

Venue: Itu BRA
Organizer: n/a

LD Results:

Thrower Distance /m Record Boomerang
Manuel Schuetz (CH) 154
Robson da Silva Oliveira (BRA) 126
Andrea Sgattoni (I) 122
Haruki Taketomi (JP) 121
Kagemitsu Fukazawa (JP) 117
David Hirsch (USA) 110
Giosser dos Santos Braga (BRA) 103
Jerry Leu (BRA) 100
Hiroyuki Murata (JP) 98
Alejandro Palacio (E) 98
Tom Howman (USA) 93
Jason Smucker (USA) 93
Nobuyuki Iizuka (JP) 93
Martin Schulc (CZ) 82
Edgardo Confessore (ARG) 77
Gary Broadbent (USA) 77
Marie Appriou (F) 75
Sonia Appriou (F) 64
Junji Maiya (JP) 64
Yves Appriou (F) 6
Nick Prichards (AUS) 0
Rodrigo Colombini (BRA) 0
Takuya Amano (JP) 0
Michel Appriou (F) 0
Adam Stankiewicz (USA) 0
Eduardo Mistico (BRA) 0
Kenny Barr (USA) 0
Luiz Carlos Otoboni (BRA) 0

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